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Welcome to Olivia Cooke Fan at oliviacookefan.com, your ultimate online source for everything Olivia Cooke. She is an English actress. She currently co-stars as Emma Decody in the American television series Bates Motel, airing on A&E. Prior to this, she appeared in the British miniseries Blackout and The Secret of Crickley Hall. In 2014, Cooke starred in three supernatural thriller films: The Quiet Ones, The Signal, and Ouija. Her next role is in the upcoming comedy, Me & Earl & the Dying Girl, where she will play the titular female lead. Here you will be able to find the great quantity of information, photos, videos, news and a lot more about the actress. Here is a fact of fans for the fans. Here is NOT an official page neither do not we have contact with Olivia. If you have any questions and/or comments please be sure to visit our contact page and contact us regarding anything. Thanks for visiting.
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Ready Player One (2018)
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Some lessons come from the most surprising sources. In Sundance Film Festival favorite Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, it takes a high school senior with terminal leukemia to teach anti-social schoolmate Greg and his friend Earl how to live a fuller life. SF Weekly chatted with the three rising stars of the film: Thomas Mann (Me), RJ Cyler (Earl) and Olivia Cooke (Dying Girl) about what they’ve learned so far about filmmaking, opening up emotionally onset, and navigating the pitfalls of the red carpet.

Movies like Me and Earl and the Dying Girl about young people dealing with serious illnesses are very prevalent right now. What was your goal with this film?
Olivia Cooke: We tried to create as honest and as real a film as we could possibly make it. That was the biggest factor going into it, more than anything.

After a particularly difficult day of shooting, how would you decompress?
Olivia Cooke: We were really lucky with this crew that everyone wanted to hang out afterward and go for dinner. So that’s what we did. We’d chat and laugh and drink, and it was really wonderful. It was like summer camp, so it was really easy to decompress after an emotional scene.

Tell me something funny about working with Molly Shannon.
Olivia Cooke: She’s so intrigued. She just wants to suss you out immediately, and everything is so interesting, like “Oh, really?”; she just loves people. So immediately before Alfonzo says, “Action,” we’d be lying in bed together, and she’d say, “Oh my, he did that, really? What an asshole. I’d never stand for that.” Then Alfonzo yells, “Action,” and she gets right into it, and I’m so overwhelmed. I need 10 more seconds to just ground myself. Also how funny she can just take it — from zero to 100 in no time at all. She can go bigger and bigger and bigger — the sky’s the limit. There’s no stopping Molly Shannon. She can take it to extremes and then just bring it back down and be so heartbreaking and bring so many layers to her performance. It was a delight to watch and a true lesson, for sure.

Olivia, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read on all the blogs that you learned an American accent from watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
Olivia Cooke: No, I didn’t. Someone misquoted me. I really hate that. What I said was that my sister can do a really good Kim Kardashian. And now they’re saying “Olivia learned her accent from the Kardashians.” What a terrible accent I would have if that’s how I learned my American accent. No, I just learned it by watching American TV and films and working with an amazing dialect coach who’s worked with me since I started on Bates Motel. But as soon as I said it about my sister, I knew they were going to get it wrong. Ugh, I hate people.

This film has already achieved multiple awards at Sundance and other festivals. How big do you see this movie getting?
Olivia Cooke: I don’t even want to think about that. I’m just going to expect the worst and hope for the best.

Since all three of you are relatively new to Hollywood, what’s it like getting your first taste of fame?
Olivia Cooke: It’s still very overwhelming and new and weird and not a comfortable place that you put yourself into. All these cameras are flashing at you and you just hope that you don’t have an epileptic fit. You just try to smile through it as much as possible and hope that they don’t see the terror in your eyes.

Source: SF Weekly

June 9, 2015        Posted by Ann        0 Comments        Interview , Me and Earl and the Dying Girl , News

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